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Our Cause

Mother Teresa once said,

"Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work."

As undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania, we are privileged to be in a safe environment provided with high-level education, medical care, and food. However, even as many of us are occupied with the demands of college work and the pleasures of freedom at Penn, it is hard to ignore the sickness and poverty around us. Natural disaster constantly plagues the world -- just recently we heard on the news about the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Yet it is so easy for many of us to hear about these sufferings, and to say to ourselves, &ldquo I wish I could help them &rdquo or &ldquo Ill help them when I have the money &rdquo . Although we are physically limited from helping third world countries or victims of calamity, we are fully capable of changing the suffering that happens every day in the city we live in: Philadelphia.

According to city-data.com, nearly 25% of residents in Philadelphia receive income below the poverty level. Due to such disparity amongst residents in the city, many local residents are unable to afford health care, while others may choose to ignore urgent health issues to save money. As undergraduates living and attending school in the city of Philadelphia, we have a duty to these people. With that in mind, the Community Health Initiative at Penn (CHIP) serves to provide students an opportunity to promote better health care for the local impoverished in three ways:

1) Financial support of local nonprofits and free clinics through fundraising
2) Volunteering at local schools to teach basic health care and biology topics
3) Providing an opportunity for Penn students to volunteer at local free clinics

As members of CHIP, we understand that any step towards fighting poverty is a big one. By bringing together resources from every corner of the University and directing them towards our local community, we truly believe in the difference we can make to local and ultimately global health.

-The CHiP Team