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Michael Hsu

Name: Michael Hsu
School: College of Arts & Sciences, Wharton 2012
Major: Operations and Information Management, Biology
Position: President, Co-Founder

After taking a Health and Healing in Africa course during his 2nd semester of freshman year, Michael realized that he didnt want to go through college behind closed doors, and away from the underprivileged in the local community. Thus, he began volunteering in a local clinic, and decided to start CHIP to provide others who have the same heart for the sick and the poor an opportunity to step up and make a difference. Through CHIP, Michael hopes to organize fundraisers to raise money for local clinics and non-profits, and to actively participate in community outreach initiatives to teach basic health and biology at local schools. Outside of school, Michael enjoys playing tennis and snowboarding.

Leo wang

Name: Leo Wang
School: College of Arts & Sciences 2012
Major: Biochemistry
Position: Advisor, Co-Founder

Coming from a pretty humble background himself, Leo feels a strong sense of duty towards the community which has lead him to sympathize greatly with locals in the West Philadelphia area who are unable to afford proper healthcare. Realizing that most, if not all, of these said locals are good people deserving of adequate health from volunteering in local clinics, he decided that the best way to serve the community would be as a member of CHIP. As a pre-med, he wanted to use this opportunity to help others and learn at the same time what it would be like to be a doctor. Through CHIP he hopes to truly make a momentous impact on the community and as an organization effect changes that can make differences in the lives of many underpriveleged locals.

Stephanie Chen

Name: Stephanie Chen
School: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Position: Vice President, Co-Chair of Community Outreach

Having committed herself to a future career in medicine, Stephanie realizes that a medical license is not a prerequisite to helping others and making a difference. By joining CHiP, she can begin now. Having previously volunteered at CareOne Hospice and worked as an assistant in a cancer treatment consulting company, she gains more direct access to clinics and patients through participation in CHiP. As a member, she hopes to help CHiP stay connected with news about healthcare, fundraising, or volunteering events in the area so that this organization could expand its influence.

Connie Hua

Name: Connie Hua
School: College of Arts & Sciences 2012
Major: Health and Societies
Position: Chair of Events

Connie is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Health Policy and Law. She is strongly committed to CHiP's goal of improving health care and expanding health services in Philadelphia. She hopes to both raise awareness and funds this year as CHiP's Events Committee Chair as well as reaching out to other organizations on campus.

Rebecca Hobble

Name: Rebecca Hobble
School: College of Arts and Sciences 2012
Major: Health and Societies
Position: Co-Chair of Community Outreach

Rebecca believes that everyone should have the chance to be healthy. As a Health & Societies major, she knows the importance of affordable healthcare and healthy foods, so she is especially passionate about serving children whose neighborhoods lack access to proper nutrition. After participating in PennCorp's Urban Health program and tutoring at several community schools, Rebecca joined CHIP to specifically address the health needs of the West Philadelphia community. She also wanted to bridge what she learned in the classroom to the real world, knowing that with the privilege of receiving a Penn education comes the responsibility of using it to benefit others. As a member of CHIP, she is dedicated to working with both her peers and neighbors towards a healthier, happier community.

Courtney Ng

Name: Courtney Ng
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Health and Societies
Position: Chair of Public Relations

First sparked by a mission trip to rural China in her high school junior year, Courtney developed a heart for the underprivileged. As a health and societies major passionate about humanitarian causes, Courtney participated in various volunteer activities through UPenn and outside of Penn. Being a pre-medical student, she is especially interested in health related issues, and hopes to improve the health of those who are less privileged both in her community and globally. Through CHIP, she hopes to bring changes that could alleviate health disparities in the West Philadelphia community around Penn by mainly providing more resources to those who lack health knowledge or health care access. She believes that the wealth of resources and privileges Penn students have should be used for a greater good beyond the intellectual bubble of Penn, and CHIP provides an innovative and holistic way to achieve this goal.

Vishal Arora

Name: Vishal Arora
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Health and Societies
Position: Chair of Clinical Relations

Philadelphia houses some of the premier medical facilities in the world and yet parts of the city rank well below Western averages for basic indicators of health. Vishal thinks this is unacceptable and hopes to work with CHIP to develop and support interventions that improve the health realities in Philadelphia.